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Bone graft ( Oste OXenon mix granules )

Granules (50% cortical, 50% cancellous), 1 bottle, 0,25 g, 0,5 g.1.0 g, 1cc. granules size 0,5-1 mm.


OSTEOXENON®is an advanced line of bone substitutes for regenerating bone in dental surgeries. OSTEOXENON® comes from a 15 years experience in Orthopedics, where this same material is grafted for huge bone reconstructions. This same biotechnological know-how and the same manufacturing process are now being applied to create bone substitutes for Oral and Maxillo-facial Surgery.

OSTEOXENON® is conceived and manufactured totally in Italy.

OSTEOXENON® is an heterologous material. Its origin is equine.

OSTEOXENON® is accepted by the patient: In a multi-ethnical population comprising people belonging to different religions

OSTEOXENON® is safe: the European Directive 2003/32/CE1 defines equine-derived materials as safer, since no diseases, transmittable from horses to men, are currently known.

Bone graft ( Oste OXenon mix granules )

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