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Bone Expander Kit


  • 1. Crest Trimmer : Used for trimming and flattening the narrow and thin bone in crest width.

  • 2. Saw Ø10 : Used for sawing the bone. (Thickness 0.3mm, Diameter 9.8mm)
  • 3. Drill : Used for drilling an implanting hole to push the expander.
  • 4. Expander : Used for expanding the bone sequentially to insert the implant into the narrow area in crest width.
  • 5. Ratchet : Used for tightening or loosening the expander manually during surgery.
  • 6. Ratchet Adapter : Used for connection to the ratchet for the extension of the expander.
  • 7. Handpiece Adapter : When the implant engine is used, it is used with the insertion of the expander after it is connected to the handpiece adapter. [Recommended RPM : 30~50RPM]


  • Used for  narrow bone ridge .
  • After guide drilling on narrow bone ridge, make sequential expansion using expander drill.
  • Ex,  Expander up to 4.0 for 4.5 size of implant placement.

Bone Expander Kit

SKU: Ni-7030
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